Self M.A.D.E (Motivated Aware Disciple of Energy )

I guess I can come out da closet now. 

I been a black magickian since 11, the number of initiation.

I actually stumbled upon it. I'm sure I was born to cast spells and turn dreams into reality; I mean the MC is the 'Master of Ceremony' after all.

The third eye represents the Ajna chakra, the psychic sight and the power of manifestation. 

In the kulture, we call the 3rd eye, the mind and the mind has 3 known states of functioning: conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. Google the muhfuckas for further clarification. 

Here's my first ritual, a gift to you let's call it: 

{Self Made Manifest} 


A candle, a lighter, a mirror,

a small frame of alone time 

Light your candle, preferably white, and place a mirror in front of you face. Be sure the candle light is bright enough to see a dimly lit reflection of yourself in the mirror. 

-You're about activate brain frequencies

Gaze in the mirror and observe your head. 

As you fixate your glance, without blinking, observe your facial features. 

Take note of your forehead, eyes, ears, lips, and chin. 

Still without blinking, slightly look off center while in the mirror and stare. 

Imagine your face being split in the mirror and stare. 

While in trance, you will discover your past lives and open your 3rd Eye vision.


Disclaimer: For "entertainment purposes"......

Not for those scared of da boogie man! Don't ask me about the symptoms, your experience is your own. Avoid drugs and alcohol while under the influence... 

If you don't have knowledge of self, enjoy the unfolding. I sure am...

So, Black Mist was my first rap persona as a "mythical sorcerer" from the dark waters of blue luminous black primordial purple ooze....crafty but...corny right? 



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