Power: The 5 Elements, Hip-Hop, and Islam by Mustafa Abdul Nur

786, Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


The 5 Elements that comprise the physical makeup of the universe is manifest as creation making up all matter in existence.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether is all that there is and ever will be.

Each element is a specific energy. Energy or matter can never be destroyed nor created. It can only be altered.

The Alkhemists are the ones who seek the crystallization of these 5 elements within self according to their specific astrology and numerology. The metaphor of the Alkhemist turning lead to gold is this transformation; the lead being the physical body and the gold being our crystallized carbon based form.

This transmutation of negative to positive ionization is done through various spiritual practice, but it all can be related to all that there is, these 5 elements. One is the only number in existence and every unit our mind has invented in order to count are only multiple “ones.” So while alkhemy, metaphysics, quantum physics and applied mathematics can be very complicated it must be understood, the root is ONE manifested in the 5 elements.

This is the universe experiencing itself through an infinite amount of physical manifestations. The specific spiritual practice I want to emphasize is the 5 daily prayers or salah of muslims worldwide done periodically according to the positions of the sun. These positions can be directly related to Sun asanas in the yogic tradition. Asanas can be translated to “Posture” like the different positions during Islamic Salah.

This is because the Vedas and Gita are an ancient precursor for Islam with its roots in the same area of the Abrahamic paths. The Upinashads and Dravidians can be directly linked to the East “Afrikan” migration which brings us back to the source of Khemet and Kush. In Khemet, the worship of different “Gods” were actually representations of nature manifest as is in Hindu belief.

In Abrahamic tradition, the words Amen and Amin come directly from Amen Ra, the Sun God. So here we are full circle as muslims following the 5 positions of the sun directly related to yoga and traced back to the raised arms and face to ground postures of the khemetic people.

Knowing this makes Islam the completion; a completion of all, of the One as our beloved prophet (sulallahu alayhi wasalaam) was the seal of all this.

He didnt come to negate what came before him, but instead as a reminder of the oneness of source, Al lah, that resides within our heart. Keeping this in mind in our salah and dhikr (remembrance) comes with great responsibility and submission (islam) to one’s higher self, the creator within. This is why the number 19 is manifest mysteriously throughout the Qur'an. 1 being Knowledge and 9 being Completion; The Qur'an of which came through Muhammad (pbuh) by means of a pure light being, the Angel Jibril from the most high Supreme truth, Allah, is Knowledge Complete (19), the seal. Due to the nature of positive force into negative force or order into chaos, these 5 elements manifest themselves as our visible, tangible and holographic realm.

Represented by the taoist Yin and Yan, it is visible how these two forces are not opposing but actually complimentary components of One whole. (see how we keep coming back to One?) Glory be to the One, who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as themselves, and other things they do not know. (36- Ya-Seen, 36) Our very DNA is the universe manifest.

We are the balance of light from dark. Min sharri ma khalaq. We are the universe experiencing itself; creation manifest. In fact, one of the best examples our generation can relate to for the creative expression and freedom it afforded us is Hip Hop. There is no such thing as coincidence and with the ever-changing social atmosphere accepting synchronicity through personal witness in this Aquarian age, it is perfectly aligned that Islam was and still is (however underlying currently due to politics) a heavy influence in Hip (conscious) Hop (movement.) Hip Hop has 5 elements like the 5 that make up all that there is. 5 is the number of power. 5 pillars of islam. 5 fingers make a fist. 5 daily salah. All is ONE. Allah. HU. 

Universal Element - Salah - Hip Hop Element 
1. Earth Fajr B boy 
2. Fire Dhur Emcee 
3. Water Asr DJ 
4. Air Maghrib Grafitti 
5. Ether Isha Knowledge 

1. Fajr is the grounding of one's self in Allah from the earth (root chakra) The bboy's tool is the ground for expression. 
2. Dhur keeps the fire, desire burning to reach Allah when the sun is most high. Fire is the breath, an emcee uses his breath (spirit) to bring forth knowledge. 
3. Asr keeps your iman flowing like water. The DJ controls the flow of the party or show. 
4. Maghrib is when the night is approaching and this salah is very light and airy. It is important because you have almost completed your day in devotion to Allah so you can float in wavering or continue to be devoted in your first out loud salah since fajr. The Graf writer uses aerosol to send a positive message. 
5. Isha is the completion that ties the entire day together. Ether is the unseen element tjat binds everything together in physical creation. This is knowledge, Ilm that holds the universe together much like our knowledge (DNA) holds us together, knowledge is the driving force behind a conscious movement, Hip Hop.

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