I'm Just Livin My Life

I've always been slightly intuitive and an empath although society seems to deem me otherwise.

Seems as if it's too easy to demonize someone for there natural ability, like utilizing their god given gifts and talents. In my rural community, I was the only black male in gifted and talented as well as anger management at the same time. Anger is an attribute of an angel. A motivational force when used properly.


 Shout out Bafa. I adore you.

November 19th, 2011 (11-19-11) was the day I was granted my spiritual awakening. Frenzied moments of overnight study, sleep deprivation, and dream journaling, I crossed over into the abyss of a mad-man. An evil-genius as I studied occult themes to re-occuring events in my life. For instance, the psychology of a white front man and a black hype man on stage in a state engulfed in the hidden ideologies of the Klu Klux Klan. Of course, no one else dares to challenge their minds and/or make a connection bewteen the two. But it always amazed me how both, black and white man, get no play from the ladies until they're own a stage "talkin that talk". They really drop the draws if you can pop-lock, uprock, or crip walk. The ladies love real niggas huh....


As I began to real go into deep thought as to the nature of things, my awareness stepped outside of me and I seen myself looking at myself. Not literally but it sure felt like it. It was a major self-realization moment when at that specific time, (11-19-11 at 11:00 P.M.), I became aware of who I was, etherically 

Evey book I touched was like high speed internet downloads. Everything became so clear except my how to clear my path in such a hostile enviroment. Living in the Bible Belt always came with a lashing if you dare to step outside the norm and take a leap of faith based on your own merits.

As I scrambled to create a fail-proof master plan, I wrote the song "Living My Life" . Actually, I didn't even write it. It just naturally flowed as I recorded it and then I wrote it to double check the validity of the split mind I was experiencing, I had officially snapped and went dumb on'em. 

From that point on I was labeled everything but an artist. Never mind a child of God because who needs anyone to validate ones creator or spiritual state of being. You ever seen a babbling mad man speak in riddles? You ever heard a child look to the stars and tell you that's where dead people go? You ever mistreat a homeless person and missed out on a blessing later on?

Alot of things go unseen and unheard but alot of things are blatantly ignored or misperceived. "What's understood don't have to be explained" is a common phrase amongst a certain group of people who don't care to understand or feel no need to explain their own behavior. Thankfully, I found the balance in my own life to discern if I'm living my life...or just existing.

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