"Aunt Caroline Dye" The First Famous Arkansas Rootworker 

Caroline Tracy Dye, better known as “Aunt Caroline,” was a highly respected seer whose name was recognized in Arkansas and the Mid-South in the early years of the twentieth century. The fact that she was an uneducated African American made her popularity at the time all the more unusual. 

She was born into slavery in Spartanburg, South Carolina, shortly after the death of her parents’ master, William Tracy. His widow, Nancy, later moved with her family and slaves to Arkansas, settling near present-day Rosie (Independence County). Caroline Tracy had an infant daughter, Hannah, before the death of Nancy Tracy in 1861. All of the slaves, including Caroline Tracy, were the property of the Tracy estate until they were freed after the Civil War. 

Caroline Tracy became aware of her abilities as a seer while still a young child. She could reportedly see things outside her line of vision that others could not. Among several early examples is a story that, during the Civil War, she foretold a visit by a member of the Tracy family, someone thought dead in the early years of the war. 

It was after Dye moved to Newport (Jackson County) that her reputation began to grow. She never claimed to be a fortune teller; that title was given to her by others. Historian John Quincy Wolf wrote that, in a 400-mile radius from Newport, “Aunt Caroline” was as well known as President Woodrow Wilson.

She enjoyed a large clientele from all over the Mid-South, with an especially strong following from Memphis, Tennessee. So many arrived in Newport from Memphis that one train was known locally as the “Caroline Dye Special.” Her clients were both black and white, and most showed their appreciation by paying her a few dollars for a reading, although payment was not required.

Dye reportedly only used a deck of cards to help her concentration and would not give readings about love or the outcome of World War I; she did, however, tell many people the location of strayed or stolen livestock, sometimes giving specific directions, and she helped people locate missing jewelry. She gave visions of the future for her clients and offered advice on missing persons. In one case, she was consulted about the guilt of a man arrested for assault near Austin (Lonoke County). She enjoyed confronting skeptics before they uttered a word and many times told them of situations about themselves that she could not have previously known. It was said that she even predicted Newport’s future great fire of 1926, which wiped out a large part of the town some eight years after her death. 

Dye’s reputation lives on in songs, including two written by Memphis bluesman W. C. Handy. He said the gypsy mentioned in “St. Louis Blues” (1914) was Dye. In “Sundown Blues” (1923), he named the fortune teller as Aunt Caroline Dye of Newport, Arkansas. Through the years, the legend of Dye has been distorted and stretched, identifying her as a fortune teller, a “hoodoo” woman, or a “two-headed doctor” (or psychic). 

For additional information: 


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Power: The 5 Elements, Hip-Hop, and Islam by Mustafa Abdul Nur 

786, Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


The 5 Elements that comprise the physical makeup of the universe is manifest as creation making up all matter in existence.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether is all that there is and ever will be.

Each element is a specific energy. Energy or matter can never be destroyed nor created. It can only be altered.

The Alkhemists are the ones who seek the crystallization of these 5 elements within self according to their specific astrology and numerology. The metaphor of the Alkhemist turning lead to gold is this transformation; the lead being the physical body and the gold being our crystallized carbon based form.

This transmutation of negative to positive ionization is done through various spiritual practice, but it all can be related to all that there is, these 5 elements. One is the only number in existence and every unit our mind has invented in order to count are only multiple “ones.” So while alkhemy, metaphysics, quantum physics and applied mathematics can be very complicated it must be understood, the root is ONE manifested in the 5 elements.

This is the universe experiencing itself through an infinite amount of physical manifestations. The specific spiritual practice I want to emphasize is the 5 daily prayers or salah of muslims worldwide done periodically according to the positions of the sun. These positions can be directly related to Sun asanas in the yogic tradition. Asanas can be translated to “Posture” like the different positions during Islamic Salah.

This is because the Vedas and Gita are an ancient precursor for Islam with its roots in the same area of the Abrahamic paths. The Upinashads and Dravidians can be directly linked to the East “Afrikan” migration which brings us back to the source of Khemet and Kush. In Khemet, the worship of different “Gods” were actually representations of nature manifest as is in Hindu belief.

In Abrahamic tradition, the words Amen and Amin come directly from Amen Ra, the Sun God. So here we are full circle as muslims following the 5 positions of the sun directly related to yoga and traced back to the raised arms and face to ground postures of the khemetic people.

Knowing this makes Islam the completion; a completion of all, of the One as our beloved prophet (sulallahu alayhi wasalaam) was the seal of all this.

He didnt come to negate what came before him, but instead as a reminder of the oneness of source, Al lah, that resides within our heart. Keeping this in mind in our salah and dhikr (remembrance) comes with great responsibility and submission (islam) to one’s higher self, the creator within. This is why the number 19 is manifest mysteriously throughout the Qur'an. 1 being Knowledge and 9 being Completion; The Qur'an of which came through Muhammad (pbuh) by means of a pure light being, the Angel Jibril from the most high Supreme truth, Allah, is Knowledge Complete (19), the seal. Due to the nature of positive force into negative force or order into chaos, these 5 elements manifest themselves as our visible, tangible and holographic realm.

Represented by the taoist Yin and Yan, it is visible how these two forces are not opposing but actually complimentary components of One whole. (see how we keep coming back to One?) Glory be to the One, who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as themselves, and other things they do not know. (36- Ya-Seen, 36) Our very DNA is the universe manifest.

We are the balance of light from dark. Min sharri ma khalaq. We are the universe experiencing itself; creation manifest. In fact, one of the best examples our generation can relate to for the creative expression and freedom it afforded us is Hip Hop. There is no such thing as coincidence and with the ever-changing social atmosphere accepting synchronicity through personal witness in this Aquarian age, it is perfectly aligned that Islam was and still is (however underlying currently due to politics) a heavy influence in Hip (conscious) Hop (movement.) Hip Hop has 5 elements like the 5 that make up all that there is. 5 is the number of power. 5 pillars of islam. 5 fingers make a fist. 5 daily salah. All is ONE. Allah. HU. 

Universal Element - Salah - Hip Hop Element 
1. Earth Fajr B boy 
2. Fire Dhur Emcee 
3. Water Asr DJ 
4. Air Maghrib Grafitti 
5. Ether Isha Knowledge 

1. Fajr is the grounding of one's self in Allah from the earth (root chakra) The bboy's tool is the ground for expression. 
2. Dhur keeps the fire, desire burning to reach Allah when the sun is most high. Fire is the breath, an emcee uses his breath (spirit) to bring forth knowledge. 
3. Asr keeps your iman flowing like water. The DJ controls the flow of the party or show. 
4. Maghrib is when the night is approaching and this salah is very light and airy. It is important because you have almost completed your day in devotion to Allah so you can float in wavering or continue to be devoted in your first out loud salah since fajr. The Graf writer uses aerosol to send a positive message. 
5. Isha is the completion that ties the entire day together. Ether is the unseen element tjat binds everything together in physical creation. This is knowledge, Ilm that holds the universe together much like our knowledge (DNA) holds us together, knowledge is the driving force behind a conscious movement, Hip Hop.

Sun of the Desert  


Viva Las Vegas

Trying to hustle up some cashapp/paypal funding 'cuz I know Im bout to be assed out!

As a vegas street performer, I was able to witness the hustle and bustle of vice city. Real struggling artists, even the homeless, were out there getting money day in and day out. The city never sleeps and money transactions happen everywhere, from the casino to the trap house.  Days before I was scheduled to leave, I began to run out of money. Don't go to Vegas with a dollar and a damn dream I'll tell ya dat! After all my CD's were "abruptly" misplaced, the only thing I had on me were two books: The Teaching of Buddha and Simplified Qabalah. I also had a bottle of protection oil I had purchased from an energy worker back in Memphis. So I had the tools to keep my peace, work the square, and keep from being dumped off in the desert somewhere.

As my funds started to dwindle, so did my connections with potential customers and potential industry leads. I damn near couldn't afford a meal without deciding which one was more important, nutrition or a ticket back home to recoup. I was so determined, I would have starved before I went back to my dusty roads empty-handed. After 4 days of paying $145 a night, I had to find a cheaper room. And with that came "the lower end" of town. I had no choice but to connect with the people on this side of town just to learn the ins and out. Although it wasn't safe, this side of town was really more of what I'm accustomed. The local vagabonds knew all the places to get free meals, cups of water, and actually had the best ideas on how to draw in a crowd, just get an empty cup and chill. I didn't go that far but I did do a few tarot consults and a few magic tricks I remembered when I was younger.

Everything wasn't "glorious" on my trip. Unfortunately, I did month-long bid in a Las Vegas jail that I know good and well I saw on one of those criminal television series. 23-hour lockdown with some real deal criminals. Now that's a major leap from a backyard boogie jailhouse in Arkansas to a mini-penitentiary in Nevada. Shit, I was facing 7 years for a slip-up but the charges were eventually dismissed and dropped. After a long journey from Vegas, I watched the night sky as I rode the bus back home.  The Nevada skyline was illuminated with specks of light as I thanked the Universe for my safe passage, learning experiences, and another day to make better decisions for my future and well-being. Traveling through New Mexico, I had a sudden thought to purchase a "colllectors item" and the first one I seen was St. Lazarus.

The Bible depicts two characters named "Lazarus". The most recognized character is that of Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days, who was a friend of Jesus, the brother of Martha and Mary. The miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John, whereby Jesus restores Lazarus to life four days after his death (John 11). 

The second character, Lazarus found in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 16:19-31) tells of the relationship in life and in death, between an unnamed rich man (the traditional name for a rich man is "Dives") and a poor beggar named Lazarus. Lazarus was venerated as a patron saint of lepers and is often depicted as a starving beggar at the foot of the stairs leading up to a rich man's house, and who was covered in sores that even the dogs came to lick those sores. 


In Nigeria, he represents Obaluaye (King Who Owns the Earth)   
Originally from Dahomey, he was despised because of disrespect to the elder "gods" and due to his disobedience he acquired a condition in which he simply asked for forgiveness and with the help of other spirits, his impurity was washed away and he was forgiven for his past errors. In Santeria, he is syncretized with St. Lazarus as Babalu-Aye. Many of his followers believe him to be very helpful during financial difficulties.

As I cleansed the statue before allowing it on my altar, a gentle reminder of the homeless man who guided me around Las Vegas came to mind. He was proclaimed college professor with a wife and child but lived his life on the streets because it was, well, easier I suppose. Right as I was to get on the bus on my way back home, he cut a red shoe string in half, tied it and burned the end. The other half he kept for himself. As he handed me the shoe string, he mentioned it was a "native" tradition and wished me a safe journey home and hopefully one day we'll see each other again and with this string we can "link" up in the future. I wasn't sure if it was mumbo-jumbo or not, but it was mos def a sincere and heart felt gesture I'd never forget.


I'm Just Livin My Life 

I've always been slightly intuitive and an empath although society seems to deem me otherwise.

Seems as if it's too easy to demonize someone for there natural ability, like utilizing their god given gifts and talents. In my rural community, I was the only black male in gifted and talented as well as anger management at the same time. Anger is an attribute of an angel. A motivational force when used properly.


 Shout out Bafa. I adore you.

November 19th, 2011 (11-19-11) was the day I was granted my spiritual awakening. Frenzied moments of overnight study, sleep deprivation, and dream journaling, I crossed over into the abyss of a mad-man. An evil-genius as I studied occult themes to re-occuring events in my life. For instance, the psychology of a white front man and a black hype man on stage in a state engulfed in the hidden ideologies of the Klu Klux Klan. Of course, no one else dares to challenge their minds and/or make a connection bewteen the two. But it always amazed me how both, black and white man, get no play from the ladies until they're own a stage "talkin that talk". They really drop the draws if you can pop-lock, uprock, or crip walk. The ladies love real niggas huh....


As I began to real go into deep thought as to the nature of things, my awareness stepped outside of me and I seen myself looking at myself. Not literally but it sure felt like it. It was a major self-realization moment when at that specific time, (11-19-11 at 11:00 P.M.), I became aware of who I was, etherically 

Evey book I touched was like high speed internet downloads. Everything became so clear except my how to clear my path in such a hostile enviroment. Living in the Bible Belt always came with a lashing if you dare to step outside the norm and take a leap of faith based on your own merits.

As I scrambled to create a fail-proof master plan, I wrote the song "Living My Life" . Actually, I didn't even write it. It just naturally flowed as I recorded it and then I wrote it to double check the validity of the split mind I was experiencing, I had officially snapped and went dumb on'em. 

From that point on I was labeled everything but an artist. Never mind a child of God because who needs anyone to validate ones creator or spiritual state of being. You ever seen a babbling mad man speak in riddles? You ever heard a child look to the stars and tell you that's where dead people go? You ever mistreat a homeless person and missed out on a blessing later on?

Alot of things go unseen and unheard but alot of things are blatantly ignored or misperceived. "What's understood don't have to be explained" is a common phrase amongst a certain group of people who don't care to understand or feel no need to explain their own behavior. Thankfully, I found the balance in my own life to discern if I'm living my life...or just existing.

St. Jermaine Master of the Violet Flame, the Seventh Ray  

Many groups honor Saint Germain as a supernatural being called a Master of the Ancient Wisdom or an Ascended master. In the Ascended Master Teachings he is referred to simply as Saint Germain, or as the Ascended Master Saint Germain. As an Ascended Master, Saint Germain is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, and to inspire people by telepathy, among others.

Some write that his name St. Germain was invented by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Brother".

He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation. 

As lord of the "seventh ray", Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy. 

Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom's flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice and opportunity. 

Diplomats, priests of the sacred fire, actors, writers and defenders of freedom serve with Saint Germain on the seventh ray



The Original Inner G 


I'll keep this short and sweet because of the array of websites available to research the topic alone.

Da very impulse to be creative “can be understood to some degree as the subjective struggle to give form, structure and constructive expression to inner and outer chaos and conflict states clinical and forensic psychologist, Stephen Diamond.

Dr. Diamond theorizes that creativity is a powerful and often dark endeavor: “The more conflict, the more rage, the more anxiety there is, the more the inner necessity to create. 

Bearing in mind that all men have a masculine and feminine nature as well, it's stated the the "darker" part of our being is the "dark feminine" Not "woman" but feminine; the positive to the negative (or whatever floats ya f*ckin boat)! Research 'The Seven Principles of the Hermetic Law: The Kybalion; for clarity!

There are all kind of positive "dark"  energies:

The Moor



The "Wounded Healer"

The Resurrected and Perfected Black: Ausar (Osiris)

So how about ya stop acting like a stripper in church on Sunday and find ya inner-genius G!

Self M.A.D.E (Motivated Aware Disciple of Energy ) 

I guess I can come out da closet now. 

I been a black magickian since 11, the number of initiation.

I actually stumbled upon it. I'm sure I was born to cast spells and turn dreams into reality; I mean the MC is the 'Master of Ceremony' after all.

The third eye represents the Ajna chakra, the psychic sight and the power of manifestation. 

In the kulture, we call the 3rd eye, the mind and the mind has 3 known states of functioning: conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. Google the muhfuckas for further clarification. 

Here's my first ritual, a gift to you let's call it: 

{Self Made Manifest} 


A candle, a lighter, a mirror,

a small frame of alone time 

Light your candle, preferably white, and place a mirror in front of you face. Be sure the candle light is bright enough to see a dimly lit reflection of yourself in the mirror. 

-You're about activate brain frequencies

Gaze in the mirror and observe your head. 

As you fixate your glance, without blinking, observe your facial features. 

Take note of your forehead, eyes, ears, lips, and chin. 

Still without blinking, slightly look off center while in the mirror and stare. 

Imagine your face being split in the mirror and stare. 

While in trance, you will discover your past lives and open your 3rd Eye vision.


Disclaimer: For "entertainment purposes"......

Not for those scared of da boogie man! Don't ask me about the symptoms, your experience is your own. Avoid drugs and alcohol while under the influence... 

If you don't have knowledge of self, enjoy the unfolding. I sure am...

So, Black Mist was my first rap persona as a "mythical sorcerer" from the dark waters of blue luminous black primordial purple ooze....crafty but...corny right?