At the age of 11, Koop Da Villain was born a hip-hop heru and a natural "master of ceremony", or "MCee". As a self-taught producer and aspiring hip-hop artist prior the rise of the digital age, Da Villain had the dynamics of a wordsmith and musical composer. An old soul in new form. Born and raised in rural Arkansas, the limited resources forced the creative genius to build a catalog of musical expression defining and challenging his outlook on life living in the south as a young black male, single child, and the forced projections of society views.

As on a "Trail of Tears", his moments of self-discovery triumphed the road blocks set against him. Years of hardship, determination, and intense self discovery, Koop Da Villain released his first production titled "Bacc 2 Da Blocc" at the age of 17, allowing him to perform with some of major artists at the time such as Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys, Ying Yang twins, Lil' Boosie, Soulja Boy Tell'em, Yo Gotti and more in later years as the South rose in prominence since 2007.

Now, as an ordained minister with a hip-hop foundation, he shares inspired thoughts intergrated with rap artists perspective incorporating various forms of spirituality that assisted not only his artist development but personal self-esteem and outlook towards life, reality, and the Universe itself. The music is a soundtrack to an everlasting cosmic drama unfolding unto itself.

Growing in spirituality, he now shares how hip-hop can be provided as a framework and tool for self-development. Showcasing how his journey as an artist and the development of his persona, he shares the recordings from over 16 years ago and explains how his mode of expression, Hip Hop culture eventually manifested into a reality.