Hope And Strive Hard

Mental Health & Hip Hop has become a surfacing topic in the previous years but has been overlooked since the conception of the musical emergence of rap itself. Stemming from various genres of the 60's, 70's, 80's and evolving into America's greatest machine as the music's bastard child, Hip-Hop has become more influential than ever throughout the millennium. New York, the proclaimed birthplace, spoke life into the impoverished burroughs as 5 elements meshed together as DJ'ing, Breakdancing, Graf Art, MC'ing and most importantly Knowledge of Self became the new liberal art of the streets.

Unfortunately, like any garden unattended, it's roots were lost and a vineyard of fruits developed as well as unwanted pests crept into the culture, spreading negativity for monetary gain. What was once the vehicle for the oppressed has now become the wrecking ball of its own destruction.

H.A.S.H. Life was founded by Koop Da Villain in the midst of personal struggle, spiritual awakening, heartbreak, and the accumulation of unmentioned musical accolades. Searching for a sense of identity, Koop Da Villain stumbled up empowerment as he conquered some of his greatest fears as he fought to make a name for himself. The ups and downs of unstable living conditions, toxic relationships, all the while progressing as an artist, Koop's fair share of various therapies came with the realization that mental health awareness in the hip-hop community was needed.

With Hip-Hop as its foundation, HASH LIFE hopes to shed light to the unspoken epidemic of mental illness in not only the urban communities but any and all races of people who enjoy Hip Hop/Rap and see it as an extension of their expression. We explore Hip-Hop the history of Hip-Hop, dissect the lyrics of our favorite artist, pin-point ways Hip-Hop offers tools to strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem, and shed light on the culture that has been overshadowed with a dark perspective.

We will discuss:

  1. Coping Skills & Strategies
  2. Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques
  3. Boundaries & Addictions
  4. A sense of Purpose & Self Care
  5. Anxiety & Mood Instability
  6. Music as Therapy & Self-Development

As we progress throughout each topic, we will discover how each coincides with Hip-Hop as our means of self-expression, self-evaluation, and a sense of empowerment as we become in tune with aspects of our greater selves. As stated previously, Hip-Hop involves 5 core elements:

  • Breakdancing
  • Graf Art
  • Turntablist
  • Emcee
  • Knowledge of Self

We intend to meet biweekly or once a month to discuss various topics and allow members to share their experiences and inexperiences with dealing with mental health and/or addiction. Also, we will go over ways in which Hip Hop can be used as a tool of expression and a healthy emotional release.

- Hope And Strive Hard


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